Tooling for Pulp Moulds:

With the concerns for today’s environmental issues pulp moulded products have become essential as a solution for current packaging needs. Replacing EPS and plastics as an alternative material pulp products are becoming one of the fastest growing industries.

3D Mould & Mfg. Ltd. is dedicated to the designing and manufacturing of quality moulds for the industry as we offer a wide range of tooling options from prototype to production.


Forming Dies:

Forming dies made from plastic, aluminum or bronze castings, we have machining centres large enough to cut a full platen of tools simultaneously which not only keeps production times to a minimum, but is cost effective.

Transfer Dies:

Depending on the requirements, from plastic to urethane coated bronze and aluminum our transfers are the exact offset needed for product thickness. Our materials are polished when needed for easy extraction out of the tool.


Match plates and patterns for castings are engineered and fully CNC machined with shrinkages factored in enabling us to keep our tooling as accurate as possible. They are 3 dimensionally machined in modeling board or aluminum for longer life. We design and produce our own urethane moulds for high production transfers with wiper edges built right in for cleaner parts.

Hot Pressing:

Hot pressing of egg cartons and other products where printing is needed is essential to produce a clean smooth product. We can manufacture hot press dies for manually fed low production machines to automatic high production machines in solid bronze, aluminum and stainless steel.


At 3D Mould & Mfg. Ltd. we realize the days of drafting boards are long gone, and that 3D CAD is essential for today’s manufacturing requirements. We use both solids and wire frame 3D CAD software to design and manufacture all of our moulds and tooling. Math data is used to design and produce quality tooling in our very fast paced world. With 6 high speed machining centres all networked to our programming stations for faster downloading and set up times, our machines are also PC based and upgradable, making for faster response time. The machine spindles can run continuously at 10,000 rpm making for higher feed rates of tools and shorter run times.